2022 End of Year Message from our Co-Founder Martin Elling


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December 21, 2022 | 6 min read

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2022 End of Year Message from medDARE Co-Founder Martin Elling

Without any doubt, 2022 was a tough year. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February the 24th, medDARE had to interrupt its operations for a couple of weeks to allow our Ukrainian team some time to move to safer places and to work out on how we could continue our operations, and if so, how to do that.


We were amazed to see how quickly the team was ready to continue their work. And so, with persistence and grit of the whole medDARE team, we were able to:   



  • Spread our operations to Turkey, Romania and Moldova
  • Increase the number of doctors we work with by 175% who have worked on our annotation projects for 5000+ hours 
  • Acquire 15+ new clients from the UK, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden
  • Deliver 30+ of projects in data collection & creation, diagnostics and data annotation of CTs, MRIs, X-Rays, operations’ videos 
  • Participate in conferences like ECR 2022 in Vienna, Austria and Healthcare AI 2022 in Basel, Switzerland
  • Help Ukrainians affected by the war with food and medicines by several volunteering initiatives from us and our partners in the EU. 


I want to thank our clients for supporting us and continuing working with us no matter the circumstances. But my real thanks and admiration go to our team in Ukraine for their dedication and readiness to go the extra mile and to have delivered impressive results. As a result of their efforts, we are stepping into 2023 in a better shape than we started the year and we hope that we can soon see the end of the war and start the reconstruction of Ukraine together. 


Martin Elling 

Co-founder of medDARE B.V.

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